web questionaire The first step in designing an effective web site that draws customers is the analysis. We start this work with a 1 to 2 hour interview with our clients. Our structured process ensures that we gain the right set of information to allow us to develop a site plan and design in the next step. We cover the following topics in our interview:

Company Background & Project Objectives

Articulating the objectives of your web site is the critical initial step in our process. Almost every client wants to have an engaging, great looking site that promotes their business, but this is a given.  Some common objectives, along with how we achieve them include:

  • Growing business - by offering products online with an eCommerce site and shopping cart
  • Finding new customers - by using landing pages that target specific ideal customers or recommending an Internet Marketing Agency to help with online advertising and more expensive search engine optimization (SEO) services
  • Reducing customer support inquiries - with online support options - by implementing a support ticketing system
  • Promoting new products - with search engine optimized product landing pages

As part of our background review we also,look at any existing website that you might have. We try to understand what you like and don't like about your site and we look at the sites of your competitors and others that you think are "good".

Understanding Your Customers

As product marketing specialists, we understand that the most important aspect of developing a new web site is understanding the persona of the customers that your site targets. The "ideal" customer for your products and services is the target of the content, offerings and call-to-actions. We can quickly help segment your customers and related products into categories that make them easier to target in your value proposition A Value Proposition must answer the question "Why should your ideal customer by from you rather than your competitor?".  We help you look for new customer segments, market segments and adjacent market opportunities to expand your business. Any consulting work required to complete your customer segmentation is free and included in our web site design package.

To learn more about how we look at your customers click here.

Organizing Your Products

Next we review your products and your product or service classifications or categories. You've probably already organized you products and services by well thought out groups based on how they meet customers needs or in relationship to generally accepted standards of your industry. We look at these classifications from the perspective of your value proposition and how these products might help provide a winning value proposition by providing a compelling Only-Factor An Only-Factor is a unique dimension of value that your offering provides the customer.

Identifying Existing Content and Design Ideas

You probably already have marketing content that you've developed. We identify this content so we can use it as a starting point for development of web content. We understand the tone and style of your existing marketing materials so we can integrate them into your new web site. This includes the styles, graphics, imaging of your existing printed materials. Saving us time in development, which saves you development costs.

Identifying Your Competition

Lastly, we spend time identifying you competition. This allows us to review their web presence to understand their approach to web marketing, including page descriptions, advertising, keywords, etc.