form image 240x213Using online forms is a great way to capture user information. Most commonly, forms are used to simplify user contacts and to manage user requests for information. But a form by itself doesn't do much for the user. It's just like filling out a reply card and sending via snail mail. That's fine to capture information, but not very helpful if you're trying to engage in a conversation with your customer's or prospect's.

Customized eMails

Our forms systems allows you to customize a reply email to the user letting them know that you received their information. This is the first step in starting a meaningful conversation. You can include any information in the email, including a copy of the users submittal, a pdf file or other useful documents.

Our system also sends you a notice of the submission via eMail. Typically this notice will include all the information that user submitted via your form, but it can be customized to include other information, too. These admin eMails can be sent to any number of users to ensure quick follow-up.

Complete Database Records of Form Submittals

A simple html form provides no means to maintain records of your form submissions. Our form system secures your eMail address and saves all your form submission information in a database. You can easily review forms submission data, including the IP address of the user. This information can be downloaded into excel for use with other systems (e.g. lead nurturing, etc.).

Preventing Spam

Forms that use simple html inputs often embed your eMail address in the web page. Although it's not visible to the user, it is visible to spammer's robots that read the source code of the page. Our form system prevents this by securing your eMail address in a back-end process not visible to spammers and bots.

Spammers today engage robots that automatically complete forms in hopes of submitting bogus information (e.g. links to spam or virus sites) or documents that contain viruses. Protecting forms from this type of spam is critical for keeping your systems safe - both your web site and your internal systems. To reduce this type of spam we implement a Captcha for all our client's online forms. A captcha is a user-challenge that helps ensure that the user is a person.