website support imageGiven the amount of communication we typically have during the development phase our Site Acceptance phase is short and sweet.  We spend time with you and your team reviewing the site from top to bottom, including any documentation that we provide.

If we find any issues we typically address them immediately and your site goes live shortly thereafter, if we didn't make live before. But don't worry if you need time for a deep dive on content for you site, we have a great warranty that ensures that we'll fix any issues you find later.

12 Month's free support included

Our contract provide for 12 months of support for any site we implement.  This includes:

  • Online email support
  • Fixes for any site issues
  • Upgrading of all relevant software
  • Updating of any current site content
  • Addition of new content may be implemented at our discretion 

Note: Addition of new features to the site may incur additional costs.

We strongly encourage our clients to purchase an ongoing support contract from us following the initial 12 month warranty period.  These are typically offered at reasonable costs (10% to 15% or less of initial cost) and cover the items above.