Website Development Process imageOur structured Web Site Development Process consists of the following steps:

1. Web Site Requirements Analysis

  • The first step is to complete an analysis of the requirements for your web site. we use a simple checklist to gather the initial information.  It usually takes about 1 to 2 hours for this work.  This is a free consultation for all our clients.
  • If you don't have a domain name already, we'll help you find one that's appropriate for your business and ensure it's registered in your business name regardless of whether or not you use us to develop your site.
  • In addition, we'll help you get email accounts established to correspond with your domain name if you need them.

2. Site Design

  • Next, we prepare a site design for your review. This may include a mock up of the site with alternative design elements for you to select.

3. Development of Site Elements

  • During this phase we develop all the site elements. We review content with you on a regular basis to ensure accuracy and appropriateness of style. This includes development of all the site components, such as
    • Landing Pages
    • Forms
    • Images
    • Graphics
    • Videos
    • Product pages &amp, eCommerce data

4. Site Review & Acceptance

  • We conduct a complete site review prior to final acceptance. When you're satisfied, we're satisfied.

5. Ongoing Support & Updates

  • Things change. We're here to support our customers after the site is completed. We continue to support your site after we've completed the development. We provide low-cost support plans that include updates to your site to help ensure that it represents your business as it advances. In addition, we offer support for new development of content, forms, pages, etc.