website content 240x135Our website development phase includes multiple interactions. We'll work closely with you and your team to develop all the right content and design structure to build a credible web presence.  We will use any of your resources (e.g. photography, brochures, etc.) to save you money on content development.  But we will provide all the content items you require including photography, graphics, images and content.


We do all the required digital photography to make your site relevant.  From portraits of key employees to facility and product images we cover all your needs under our fixed price agreement.  Where possible, we'll use what photography you have, that available from the website builder or source images from 3rd party.  If necessary, we'll even visit your clients to get images of the work your business has completed.


If graphics are required for your design, we'll help source them or design simple graphics ourselves.  In may cases we can acquire cost effective graphics from image providers for web use or we may already have them in our library.  

Keyword Planning

We will start the keyword planning for the content creation by identifying key words and phrases to target in our content for your site.  We'll do the initial keyword searches and look at what your competitors are doing.

Although search engine optimization is a continuous process, we'll help get you started.  If you choose to do full SEO optimization once your site is built, we'll help you find an affordable agency and provide them whatever support they require to understand and work with your site. 

Web Presence on Google™ & Bing™

We'll help guide you through the process of getting your business registered with Google and Bing.  We'll also look at other places where your web presence should be known to help you strengthen your search positioning.

Content Development

During our development process we'll share content with you to review for relevancy and accuracy.  Your input will help us ensure the final review and acceptance will be a breeze.